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VersaScrub 8-in-1 Cleaning Tool

VersaScrub 8-in-1 Cleaning Tool

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Experience the next level of cleaning efficiency with our VersaScrub 8-in-1 Cleaning Tool – a multifunctional household tool designed for various cleaning scenarios in your bathroom, kitchen, windows, and toilet.

Key Features:

8 Replaceable Brush Heads:

- Flat brushes for floors and walls

- Corner brushes for grout and edges

- Sponge brushes for dishes

- Cloth brushes for window wiping

- Versatility for every cleaning task, even polishing and waxing your car. The self-adhesive base makes storing sponge and cloth brushes a breeze.

Long Battery Life & USB-C Fast Charging:

- Powered by a 2500mAh battery with USB-C fast charging technology.

- Only 3.5 hours of charging provides approximately 90 minutes of continuous cleaning power.

3 Adjustable Speeds:

- Choose from three adjustable speeds (400RPM, 420RPM, and 460RPM) for tailored cleaning intensity.

- Outperforms other shower cleaning brushes with its higher speed capabilities.

3 Adjustable Lengths:

- Adapt to different cleaning needs with 3 adjustable lengths (27cm/69cm/111cm) and 2 angles (135° and 180°).

- Reach and clean hard-to-reach areas effortlessly without the need for bending or kneeling.

LED Display & LED Night Light:

- The improved LED display keeps you informed about power status and speed levels.

- Featuring an LED night light function, this cordless electric spin cleaner ensures that even dark corners can be thoroughly cleaned.

Why Choose Our VersaScrub 8-in-1 Cleaning Tool?

- Efficiency Redefined: Tackle various cleaning tasks with one versatile tool.

- Convenience at Its Core: USB-C fast charging and a long-lasting battery make cleaning hassle-free.

- Customized Cleaning Experience: Adjust speeds and lengths to match the level of stains and reach challenging spots effortlessly.

- Enhanced Visibility: LED display and night light feature provide clarity in any cleaning environment.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the VersaScrub 8-in-1 Cleaning Tool – the ultimate solution for a sparkling, spotless home! Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to efficiency. 🧽✨


- Charging Port: Type-C

- Battery capacity: 2500mAh

- Working time: about 90 minutes

- Charging time: about 3-5 hours

- Material: environmentally friendly ABS with stainless steel

Package Contents:

- Host *1

- Telescopic pole *2

- Large flat brush *1

- Small flat brush *1

- Corner brush *1

- Copy wool brush *1

- Sponge tray *1

- Scouring pad *1

- Mop brush *1

- Fixed tray *1

- Cleaning cloth *1

- Storage bag *1

- Charging cable *1

- Manual *1

Please charge the battery fully before the first use.

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